Vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin K, which has a very rich content of tomatoes, the benefits for the body is too many to count. Tomato, which provides many benefits from heart health to skin health, is also the number one healing store for eye diseases. With lycopene and zeaxanthin, it protects you against free radicals and has cancer preventive effect. It renews your cells and fights against damage.

Microfood – Vacuum Dried Tomato

Due to its vacuum-drying, the tomato does not compromise on its taste and nutritional values. Microfood tomatoes can be enjoyed any time you want to taste the tomatoes.

Where Can You Use Microfood Tomato?

If you wish, you can consume tomatoes comfortably in your meals at the camp, or in the usual flow of everyday life. Thanks to the Microfood tomatoes entering the small packages and then your bag and your home, you will not consume any more flavorless tomatoes and you will love this taste.

Nutritive Value

Enerji ve Besin Öğeleri Nutrition Facts  100g   
Calories (kj&kcal)  1386kj/330kcal 
Total Fat(g)  3,6 
Saturated Fat(g)  0,8 
Trans Fat (g)  0 
Cholesterol(mg)  0 
Sodyum / Sodium (g)      86,50 
Carbohydrate (g)  52,9 
Dietary Fiber (g)  19 
Şeker / Sugars (g)  45,10 
Protein(g)  14,1 
Vit D(mcg)  0 
Calcium(mg)  173 
Iron(mg)  4,67 
Potassium (mg)  4100,10 
Salt(g)  0,138