Pineapple, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including B6, folate, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta carotene, thiamine, is a tropical fruit that is very useful for the body. Pineapple, which contains soluble and insoluble fiber, is also rich in bromelain.

This fruit, which has beneficial effects on immune system, tissue and cellular health, has a protective effect from cancer due to its antioxidant properties.

Microfood – Vacuum Dried Pineapple

The pineapple, which is vacuum-dried and packaged by preserving a large part of the chemical and physical properties of pineapple, is at your service at any time you want with Microfood support. You can choose it as a tasty snack and this dried fruit reaches you without losing its nutritional value and keeps its freshness.

Where Can You Use Microfood Pineapple?

Microfood pineapple can come anywhere with you because of its small size. You can easily use it in camping, travel, travel, and carry it in your bag during the day and consume it as a healthy alternative. By adding to your food and drinks, you can have fresh fruit taste at any time of the year.

Nutritive Value

Nutrition Facts  100g   
Calories (kj&kcal)  1571kj/371 kcal 
Total Fat(g)  0,5 
Saturated Fat(g)  0,10 
Trans Fat (g)  <0,01 
Cholesterol(mg)  <1 
Sodium (g)      1,17 
Carbohydrate (g)  84,01 
Dietary Fiber (g)  8,6 
Sugars (g)  80,01 
Protein(g)  3,6 
Vit D(mcg)  1,0 
Calcium(mg)  107 
Iron(mg)  0,87 
Potassium (mg)  735,75 
Salt(g)  0,018