It contains large amounts of vitamins A, D, E and K and contains high amounts of calcium. Therefore, it meets the body’s vitamins and minerals needs accurately. Olives, thanks to the polyphenols in the brain reduces the rate of oxidative stress and takes on the task of protecting the nerve cells. It also reduces cholesterol and prevents vascular occlusion and heart disease. It has an antioxidant effect on the body by protecting the immune system.

Olives have an effective role in preventing the formation of the sebaceous glands in the liver and in the maintenance of liver health. Vitamin E contained in the skin makes the skin look brighter healthier.

Microfood – Vaccum & Dried Olives

Microfood olives are products without losing the nutritional properties you have reached. Therefore, you can easily consume.

Where Can You Use Microfood Olives?

Thanks to Microfood you can use the olives prepared in small packages in any area. If you wish, you can put it in cakes and pastries or you can consume it as breakfast. You will also have a healthy snack thanks to the Microfood olive you will carry with you.

Nutritive Value

Nutrition Facts  100g   
Calories (kj&kcal)  2828kj/687,3kcal 
Total Fat(%m/m)  74,46 
Moisture(%m/m)  1,21 
Ash (%m/m)  4,43 
Protein / Protein(%m/m)  3,17 
Cellulose (%m/m)  15,61 
Carbohydrate (%m/m)  1,12 
Salt(%m/m)  3,83