Cheese, which meets a large part of the body’s calcium needs, strengthens the bones and greatly prevents bone resorption. Thanks to its calcium content, it leads to strengthening of the teeth. In addition, the nervous system can not be underestimated benefits. Cheese, which is rich in protein and vitamins, has a healing effect on many diseases, from the strengthening of memory to diabetes.

Microfood – Vacuum Dried Cheese

Vacuum-dried cheese contains calcium, protein and vitamin and reach you as it is. It is always with you thanks to the small packages that are prepared and designed in a way that you can consume with pleasure at any time.

Where Can You Use Microfood Vacuum Dried Cheese?

If you provide the appropriate storage conditions, you can consume your cheese at any time. You can mix it with your food and use it on your meals. You can consume the vacuum-dried cheese that you can consume as a healthy snack at school, at home, at work and on the road, wherever you want, by tasting a real cheese.

Nutritive Value

Nutrition Facts  100g   
Calories (kj&kcal)  2032kj/486,7kcal 
Total Fat(%m/m)  29,00 
Moisture(%m/m)  4,36 
Kül/Ash (%m/m)  9,84 
Protein(%m/m)  48,72 
Cellulose/Selüloz(%m/m)  0,37 
Carbohydrate (%m/m)  7,71 
Salt(%m/m)  4,00