Rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin E, the apple is a very useful fruit for the body. Although it is restful thanks to the high potassium content it contains, it also has edema effect because of its heavy water content. Rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium content, the apple helps strengthen the bones, stabilize blood sugar, remove constipation and cleanse the kidneys.

Microfood – Freeze & Dried Apple

Without adding any additives and sugar, only the freeze-dried apple reaches you without losing any minerals and vitamins it contains thanks to Microfood. As fresh as on the first day, you will be ready to be consumed in small packages at any time you need.

Where Can You Use Microfood Apple?

You can consume the apple in your breakfast and you can use it for your cake and sweet decorations thanks to Microfood. It’s easy to reach a healthy snack thanks to this small package you can count as your biggest supporter in your bag.

Nutritive Value

Nutrition Facts  100g   
Calories (kj&kcal)  1650kj/390 kcal 
Total Fat(g)  1,8 
Saturated Fat(g)  0,5 
Trans Fat (g)  0,09 
Cholesterol(mg)  <1 
Sodium (g)  295,62 
Carbohydrate (g)  86,5 
Dietary Fiber (g)  14,5 
Sugars (g)  64,8 
Protein(g)  1,9 
Vit D(mcg)  <1 
Calcium(mg)  178,51 
Iron(mg)  0,62 
Potassium (mg)  627,30 
Salt                                                                                  0,048